Digital Story Peer Review

Breaking Through: Women in Comedy

A non-fiction project aiming to develop an online community for aspiring female comedians, using interviews with established and emerging artists.

The Wix site and social media channels serve as the central platforms for forming the online community and exhibiting interview materials. Within the website, there is evidence of branding aesthetics such as neon lights against a brick wall background that I believe resonate with underground New York comedy clubs. This strong and relevant aesthetic is primarily within the logo and video content but could be used much more across the site as a whole.

One of the biggest strengths of the project is the in-person work undertaken during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, filming interviews and talking with comedians who are promoting their own shows. This serves as an excellent opportunity to build relationships and translate them into online connections and cross-promotions, helping both groups to achieve their objectives.

Once Upon A Scary Story (OOUAS Podcast)

A fiction podcast series telling scary stories for children, featuring a cast of children and driven by children.

The podcast has an online base via its Wix site and it appears that the podcast will be distributed on the site, Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud with marketing through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The podcast has a strong brand identity with red as a feature colour against black and white. The dynamic logo is great, referencing both the medium and genre of the podcast.

A strong social media presence has been established on Instagram. This appears to be driven by following a number of other users but hasn’t necessarily resulted in high engagement with individual posts at this stage. I believe that the social media platforms chosen are appropriate for reaching parents who I assume are the target audience given the age of the children who the podcasts appear intended for. I believe that asking kids to submit short video reviews of the podcast would be a good way to approach future promotions.

I am interested in the ‘choose your own adventure’ and interactive component to this story. I believe it provides a unique point of difference for the podcast but I am curious about how direction to the choice the stories paths will be approached. I expect that there will be a changeable epilogue to each podcast episode directing listeners to an online form where they can submit their suggestions or preferences. As more episodes are released I expect these would be replaced with something that promotes the next episode and encourages audiences to catch up so that they too can participate in the story development.

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