Reflection on the Course

I was really happy with the practical experience that I was able to get from the course. I feel that I have more confidence approaching the technical aspects of filming and a solid foundation with which to approach each of the production stages. 

I think that one of the biggest learnings I had was during the footage and audio capture for the abstract exercise. It completely changed the way that I looked at and listened to the world. I really hope that it is an awareness I can tune into during production and pre-production for future projects. In pre-production, I hope that I can take the awareness into location scouting, looking at the way the light is naturally interacting with spaces or how I could use lights to highlight an aspect of the space. During production, I hope that I am able to remain flexible so that I can adjust away from a storyboard and be aware enough to notice if there is a better way to capture a particular moment. For sound recording, I hope that I can take the awareness into my daily experience of the world, noticing unique sounds that I could capture and draw upon especially for use in post-production.

The attention that has been paid to examining the way films and documentaries are edited has also given me a new appreciation of the medium as a way to learn. The lighting exercise has had the biggest influence on this so far. While watching scenes that have a lot of characters or movement it is interesting to see where compromises have been made and which moments, characters or relationships have had been prioritised given the required or directed action.

Overall, the course has provided me with a fresh and more informed way to approach each aspect of a production. I feel more confident being able to talk to people about the result that is trying to be achieved and I have a better vocabulary to have these conversations.

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